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Hello, and welcome to The Instructor. This page is my page telling you the visitor a little about myself.

Name: Terry Thompson
Age: 29
Height: 5ft. 10in.
Weight: 170lbs

I was born October 24, 1971 in Frankfurt, Germany. Spent the majority of my life travelling around the world. I graduated high school from Dallas City High School. Dallas City,Ill. I went to Southeastern Community College for two years in Burlington, Iowa. I then went to Upper Iowa University in fayette,Iowa. Currently i am in Germany with my wife, serving my great country the United States of America. I am running this web site in hopes that I can teach my visitors the joy of music on Music Corner, and to gather input and data on the Don't you hate it when page for a book I plan to write called Don't you hate it when.... My interests are playing and recording music, reading and writing books, and spending time with my beautiful wife. bye for now . if you have questions,comments, or just want to drop me a line sign my guestbook.